Faculty and Staff

John Felton, Professor Emeritus/Psychology

Dr. John Felton

Professor Emeritus/Psychology

Hyde Hall, Room 217 B

Kevin Gray, Associate Professor/Sociology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Kevin Gray

Associate Professor/Sociology and Criminal Justice

Schroeder School of Business Building, Room 57

Dr. Gray joined the University of Evansville in the Fall of 2005. He earned his PhD at Michigan State University and his MS at the University of Alabama. His undergraduate degree was in sociology from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Gray coordinates the criminal justice program at the University of Evansville. He teaches Introduction to CJ, Deviance and Crime, Juvenile Justice, Policing, CJ Ethics, International Crime and Justice, and Corrections.
Elizabeth Hennon Peters, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Hennon Peters

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Hyde Hall, Room 217 H

Su Jin Jeong, Director of the Institute for Public Health / Associate Professor

Dr. Su Jin Jeong

Director of the Institute for Public Health / Associate Professor

Graves Hall, Room 227

Su Jin Jeong is an associate professor of public health in the School of Health Sciences. Dr. Jeong received her DrPH degree in maternal and child health policy and her MPH degree in global maternal and child health, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a BA degree in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama.

Dr. Jeong has extensive global experience, having traveled to numerous countries in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, and has conducted public health research both in the U.S. and in developing countries. She was currently chosen for the University of Evansville Global Scholar Award for 2018-2019 to pursue research and collaborative work regarding post-partum care differences in the U.S. versus South Korea and the implications of that difference as related to infant and maternal mortality. Dr. Jeong is also actively involved in assisting students with conducting their own research and implementing community outreach programs. Dr. Jeong’s specific research interests involve health disparities, minority health, immigrant health, global health, access to care, community health, organizational collaboration, and needs assessment and evaluation.
Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi, Associate Professor of Public Health and Director of Public Health Programs

Dr. Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi

Associate Professor of Public Health and Director of Public Health Programs

Graves Hall, Room 220

Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi is associate professor of public health and director of the undergraduate and graduate programs in public health. Dr. Patel-Dovlatabadi's research interests include comparative health care systems, nutrition and health, and health policy.

Dr. Patel-Dovlatabadi has a passion for public health and teaching the multidisciplinary aspects of the field. She is a public health expert for local media and has appeared on over 40 televised interviews regarding various public health issues. Dr. Patel-Dovlatabadi has been active in service to the University of Evansville and the broader community. She was selected to be a University of Evansville Global Scholar where she traveled to India to conduct research on comparative health systems. Further, Dr. Patel-Dovlatabadi was the recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Award. Dr. Patel-Dovlatabadi holds a DrPH in public health management, an MPH in health care organization and policy, an MBA in health care management, and a BS in psychology, all from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Mari Plikuhn, Associate Professor/Sociology

Dr. Mari Plikuhn

Associate Professor/Sociology

Schroeder School of Business Building, Room 55

Dr. Mari Plikuhn, assistant professor of sociology, teaches the Introduction to Sociology course for Honors students. This course increases students’ knowledge of sociology and its concepts and theories. Students explore the basic social institutions, systems of inequality, and social forces that shape our world, focusing on the intersections of social institutions and how they impact lives.| The Honors course in particular allows students to apply what they learn in writings about concerns in society. This analysis of society hones students’ critical thinking skills and challenges them to see a variety of perspectives.

"I warn students on the first day that, once they take this class, they will never see the world the same way," explains Dr. Plikuhn. "It is impossible to take a sociology class without learning to see the interconnections of society, and how the puzzle of people fits together. Understanding and taking this ‘sociological perspective’ is one of the central concepts in sociology, and it is the most important idea a student takes away from my class."

On teaching Honors students, Dr. Plikuhn notes, "Since this course also serves as a general education requirement, I have Honors students from a wide range of majors. It is easy to expect that these students will be smart, but they are also engaged in their campus and broader community, focused on the pursuit of a broad educational experience, and have a great outlook on society."

Dr. Plikuhn holds a BA in sociology/clinical psychology, a MS in sociology, a MS in marriage and family therapy, and a PhD in sociology with a graduate minor in gerontology. Her research expertise is in family sociology, life course transitions, and demography. Her current research projects include: first-generation college students and the role of family in determining academic outcomes; fertility, infertility, perinatal loss, and childlessness across the life course; and scholarship of teaching and learning. In 2012, Dr. Plikuhn received the University of Evansville Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, as well as the Teaching Innovations and Faculty Development Award from ASA/SAGE.
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Mrs. Carol McCraney

Administrative Assistant of Political Science

Schroeder School of Business Building, Room 50


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