John C. Moore is the original UE Changemaker. Moore wanted a college for his community, and he made it a reality on February 10, 1854, when the original charter for Moores Hill Male and Female Collegiate Institute was drafted. The college was the fifth co-educational college in the United States and the pre-cursor to the University of Evansville.

Moore Scholars are part of a cohort program that offers the following benefits:

  • Scholarship – Moore Scholars will not pay any tuition out of pocket for four years (8 full-time fall/spring semesters).
  • Study Abroad – Moore Scholars can use their scholarship to pay for tuition at Harlaxton College– UE's study abroad center in the United Kingdom. They also receive a $1,500 award to assist with the cost of their travel to study abroad.
  • Annual luncheon – Moore Scholars have the opportunity to meet with key alumni/leaders in the community at this annual gathering.
  • Honors Program Admission – Moore Scholars are automatically admitted into UE's Honors Program and receive the following benefits:
    • Undergraduate Research Grants – Honors students are eligible to apply for Honors Program research grants, given each year to support excellent research by Honors Program students.
    • Priority Registration - Honors students have the privilege to register for classes following seniors to ensure they will be able to enroll in their first-choice courses. This privilege is effective for freshmen when they register for their spring semester.
    • Honors Program Travel Award – Honors students may apply for funding to support attendance at academic or professional conferences.
    • Honors Housing - Honors Program students have the option to live in special honors housing
    • Other Honors Program Benefits - Honors Program students also benefit from honors classes, leadership opportunities, social events, and recognition at graduation.