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Who We Are

The University of Evansville's NeuroMarketing Research Center is a consulting group dedicated to providing clients professional-grade neuromarketing analyses of current and future marketing strategies. The team, composed of students from a variety of majors and backgrounds, is led by Dr. Griffin, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, and Dr. Becker, Director of the Neuroscience Program and Associate Professor of Psychology.

What We Do

Neuromarketing is the formal study of the brain's responses to advertising and branding. While the technology involved in neuromarketing is highly sophisticated, the premise is simple: Consumers can lie; statistics don't. Even if consumers aren't lying, they very often may not properly articulate what they're thinking. Neuromarketing provides a look at the thoughts occurring in our subconscious mind—which traditional research methods can't measure. We believe that when combined with traditional marketing strategies, our work contributes immensely in providing a clearer, more complete final picture that helps our clients improve their deliverables.