Solar Fuel Grant Proposal receives grant

Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UE employees Shannon Bryant and Julie Wilson are students in the University’s Adult Studies-Organizational Leadership program and were assigned a capstone project to culminate their learning experiences from the program. The project’s goal was to contribute to the University through energy management. Recently, Bryant and Wilson were excited to learn that they have been awarded the Siemen’s Environmental Grant from UE’s Environmental Sustainability Committee. Their Solar Fuel initiative will soon become a reality here on campus.

Bryant and Wilson have common interests in researching ideas in which campus could utilize more green systems, if only in a small way. They feel that there is value in UE showing our community that energy sustainability is important.

After meeting with various department heads in strategic areas, the two focused on realistic needs that would have the likelihood of becoming a reality. Their proposal was to start transitioning the maintenance golf carts to battery operated golf carts through solar power.

Golf carts are a needed convenience for the recycling and maintenance crews on campus. Gradually transitioning from the gas operated carts to battery would have multiple benefits to UE and the community. Not only would this help to cut down on the purchase of fuels over time, but this also would eliminate carbon emissions. Also, noise pollution would be reduced on campus walkways and paths. 

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