University of Evansville Experts

Looking for an expert to offer commentary, explain a complex topic, or provide detailed analysis? Faculty and staff members at the University of Evansville are ready to help. For assistance identifying or contacting an expert, please reach out to the Chief Communications Officer at

College of Education and Health Sciences

Erik Brown

Dr. Erik Brown, MS, LAT, ATC, CES, PES

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Areas of Expertise: Athletic training, sports medicine, mental health in athletes, and sports administration.

Holly Carter

Dr. Holly Carter

Executive Director and Dean of Harlaxton College / Associate Professor of Health Sciences

Areas of Expertise: Harlaxton, England, study abroad experience

Melissa Fitch

Dr. Melissa Fitch, DNP, CRNA

Founding Administrator of the University of Evansville Nurse Anesthesia Program

Areas of Expertise: Healthcare, healthcare politics and advocacy

Su Jin Jeong

Dr. Su Jin Jeong

Director of the Institute for Public Health / Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Public Health, Community Health, Disparities in Health, Maternal and Child Health

Jerrilee LaMar

Dr. Jerrilee LaMar

Associate Professor of Nursing

Areas of Expertise: Nursing topics including pediatrics, leadership and nursing education

Andy Lampkins

Dr. Andy Lampkins, PhD, PharmD

Interim Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences
Department Chair / Associate Professor / Physician Assistant Science

Areas of Expertise: Drug Therapy, Pharmaceuticals

Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi

Dr. Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi

Associate Professor of Public Health and Director of Public Health Programs

Areas of Expertise: Public health discipline

Kate Schwartzkopf-Phifer

Dr. Kate Schwartzkopf-Phifer, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, CSCS

Associate Professor/Physical Therapy and PhD in Health Professions Education

Areas of Expertise: Physical therapy, advocacy for individuals with disabilities, women's health issues

Phil Plisky

Dr. Phil Plisky, PT, DSc, OCS, ATC, CSCS

Professor of Physical Therapy and PhD in Health Professions Education
Director of UE Residency Programs

Areas of Expertise: Sports Performance, Sports Injury, Injury Prevention

Jessica Snow

Dr. Jessica Snow

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Areas of Expertise: Science, physiology, vascular physiology

Jeff Tilly

Mr. Jeff Tilly

Master of Athletic Training Program Director / Assistant Professor of Athletic Training / Department Chair

Areas of Expertise: Athletic Training Injuries - Throwing Injuries/Upper Extremity

William L. Ridgway College of Arts and Sciences

Joe Atkinson

Mr. Joe Atkinson

Assistant Professor/Communication

Areas of Expertise: Film and Television; UE Plane Crash; Artificial Intelligence

Lora Becker

Dr. Lora Becker

Professor of Psychology and Director of General Education

Areas of Expertise: Stress, Human Sexuality, Neuroscience findings, Finding a Major, General Education Programming, Academic Assessment

Jeffrey Braun

Dr. Jeffrey Braun


Areas of Expertise: Physics, Astronomy and Tennis

Kyle Clark

Dr. Kyle Clark

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Expertise: human behavior, religion, the evolution of behavior, the evolution of religion, human evolution, human cooperation, human altruism, human kinship, ancestor worship, religious rituals, cultural traditions

Sharla Cowden

Ms. Sharla Cowden, BA, MFA

Department Chair / Managing Director

Areas of Expertise: Theatre, Arts Management, Entertainment

Cindy Crowe

Dr. Cindy Crowe

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Areas of Expertise: Latino Healthcare, Latino Community Outreach, Immigration

Mark Davis

Dr. Mark Davis

Associate Professor/Biology

Areas of Expertise: Biology, Viruses, Bacteria, Infectious disease, Genetics, Environmental Sciences, Bioremediation, NCAA academic matters, Student athlete well-being, MVC, Immunology, public health

Noah Gordon

Dr. Noah Gordon


Areas of Expertise: Biology, evolution, biodiversity, animal behavior, and wildlife - particularly reptiles and amphibians

David Green

Dr. David Green

Senior Lecturer in British Studies and History

Areas of Expertise: Medieval History, British politics

Muhammad Fahad Humayun

Dr. Muhammad Fahad Humayun

Assistant Professor/Communication

Areas of Expertise: Journalism, Sports Journalism, News Literacy, News Deserts, Digital Journalism, Diversity in Journalism, Sports Washing, Race and Gender in Sports Journalism, Sports Communication

Clark Kimberling

Dr. Clark Kimberling

Professor of Mathematics

Areas of Expertise: Mathematics, History of New Harmony, Indiana (19th-century scientists, educators, writers, and artists

Ralph Larmann

Mr. Ralph Larmann

Professor of Art

Areas of Expertise: Art

Erin Lewis

Mrs. Erin Lewis

Executive Director for Center for Innovation and Change

Areas of Expertise: Civics, changemaker programming, ChangeLab, Evansville Promise Neighborhood, and dance education

James MacLeod

Dr. James MacLeod

Department Chair/History

Areas of Expertise: Evansville history, European history, World War II, World War I, and religious history

Katie Mullins

Mrs. Katie Mullins

Associate Professor/Creative Writing

Areas of Expertise: Writing, pop culture, literature, TV

Kenneth Steinsultz

Dr. Kenneth Steinsultz, DMA

Conservatory Co-Director, Professor of Music, Director of Bands

Areas of Expertise: Music, Bands

College of Business and Engineering

Suresh Immanuel

Dr. Suresh Immanuel

Associate Dean, Professor of Civil Engineering

Areas of Expertise: Pavement Design and Management, Engineering Education

Ben Johnson

Dr. Ben Johnson

Associate Dean / Assistant Professor of Accounting

Areas of Expertise: Tax policies, general business, local business and economic activity

Aaron Schibik

Dr. Aaron Schibik

Assistant Professor or Marketing

Areas of Expertise: General Marketing, Vintage Products, Second-hand Retail, Marketing History, and Travel/ Tourism Marketing