Congratulations 2019-20 Global Scholars

Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Center for Innovation & Change is pleased to announce the Global Scholars for the 2019-20 academic year. Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Kerr, Assistant Professor of Economics; Dr. David Murphy, Assistant Professor of Economics; Ms. Johnna Denning-Smith, Assistant Visiting Professor and Faculty Director of the MS in Leadership Program; and Dr. Lorena Andueza, Associate Professor, Spanish and TESL.

Amanda Kerr
Assistant Professor, Economics
Dr. Kerr will be studying the impact of time-saving appliances on gender equality, education, and health outcomes in China and India.

David Murphy
Assistant Professor, Economics
Dr. Murphy will study whether accurate plot size information and fertilizer optimization can increase crop yields among small-scale farmers in Kenya.

Johnna Denning-Smith
Assistant Visiting Professor and Faculty Director of the MS in Leadership Program
Ms. Denning-Smith will expand her knowledge of Design Thinking, discover ways to promote that process throughout campus, and make UE the go-to place for Design-Thinking and innovation training in our community and beyond.

P. Lorena Andueza
Associate Professor, Spanish and TESL
Dr. Andueza will study real conversations between doctors and patients in different Spanish speaking countries, compare their socio-pragmatic strategies, and apply the results of this research to the teaching of Medical Spanish in the U.S.

As Global Scholars, the recipients of this award will engage in scholarship, curriculum development, and activities related to preparing our students and community for global leadership, citizenry, and success. The Global Scholars program is supported by the John H. Schroeder Global Scholar Endowed Fund and the Lilly Endowment.

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