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UE student-run Marketing Agency Spearheads Local Organization's Fundraising Efforts

Posted: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Embrace, the University of Evansville (UE) student-run marketing and communications agency, is utilizing its services to help a local organization fundraise for its upcoming collaborative community kitchen.

The organization, Bedford Collab, LLC, was founded in 2020 by Merrick Korach. Its vision is to provide local food entrepreneurs with a place to grow their businesses while bringing economic development and restoration to the South Side of Evansville.

Bedford Collab and Embrace's relationship began in February 2022 and has since expanded to include a variety of marketing projects.

Currently, Bedford Collab is raising funds for its community kitchen space. In September 2022, the City of Evansville approved a plan to allocate $170,000 in matching funds to the organization. Efforts to increase donations started in October 2022 through the design of a branded slide deck. Since then, Embrace has developed a website for Bedford Collab and managed a crowdfunding campaign on its social media platforms.

Bedford Collab turned to Embrace in a joint venture to help both entities attain their goals. The Bedford Collab vision aligns with what Embrace hopes to achieve in the community.

"Embrace, like Bedford Collab, exists to support and create opportunities for growth in the Evansville community. Bedford Collab is aiming to improve the quality of life in the Tepe Park Community," said Chief Executive Officer of Embrace Irais Ibarra. "Embrace strives to create a community in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of high-quality and affordable marketing. Passion is what unites us."

"The Embrace team has been nothing short of amazing," said Bedford Collab CEO Merrick Korach. "These students have harnessed their gifts and skills to tell a vivid story surrounding the journey of Impact Evansville and Bedford Collab. We have been able to scale our impact with their services, and recommend the team to anyone looking to invest in the next generational talent."

Real-world business experiences give Embrace team members relevant experience when job searching. To date, about 30 individuals have graduated from Embrace. These alums have a 100 percent employment rate with either a full-time position or are pursuing higher education. Students have often been hired for above-entry-level positions because of their relevant agency experience.

Embrace Marketing and Communications launched in October 2018 as a Changelab course. Now in its 10th consecutive semester, the agency operates year-round and sustains itself through a for-profit business model. Over the years, Embrace has worked with over 60 clients across numerous industries, including small businesses, start-ups, national corporations, non-profits, and political candidates. The Embrace organization seeks to set its students up for post-graduate success.

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