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Traylor Construction Group Contributes $250,000 to UE’s FORWARD >> Campaign, Bolstering Engineering and Construction Management Programs

Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The University of Evansville’s (UE) FORWARD >> Campaign continues toward its goal of $125 million in philanthropy to support the University’s people, programs, and places.

Recently, Traylor Construction Group, long-time friends, and champions of the University, provided a $250,000 commitment to support strategic priorities on the University’s campus. Traylor Construction Group's contribution will have a direct and profound impact on initiatives aimed at enhancing enrollment and ensuring the sustainability of the University for years to come.

The Traylor family's commitment to the university and specifically UE’s School of Engineering and Computer Science spans decades and generations of Traylor’s. Traylor Construction Group has hired many of the University’s Engineering graduates through the years and continues to provide internships and immersive opportunities for students to integrate with Traylor Construction Group prior to graduation. Their support will empower students, strengthen the UE community, and propel students toward even greater heights in the University’s Engineering and Construction Management programs.

“We are sincerely grateful to the Traylor family for their continuous partnership, enriching our students in diverse ways. Their support for the FORWARD >> campaign epitomizes their enduring generosity and commitment to the University of Evansville. We are truly honored to receive this investment in our future, knowing it will profoundly impact the lives of countless students both now and in the years ahead,” said University President, Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz.

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