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UE New Student Townhouses Receive LEED® Silver Certification

Posted: Monday, February 17, 2014

The University of Evansville, in conjunction with Hafer Associates and Buckingham Companies, has announced that the University’s new student townhouses have received silver certification as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) buildings. The endorsement is part of the U.S. Green Buildings Council’s (USGBC) green home certification program which rewards residences that are designed and built to be energy and resource efficient and more healthy and durable for occupants.

Two of the University’s townhouses comprise Frederick Commons and four make up Walnut Commons. Designed by Hafer Associates of Evansville, and built by Buckingham Companies, an Indianapolis-based developer, these buildings provide attractive on-campus housing for approximately 150 upperclassmen.

Four of the townhouses were completed and occupied in August 2013.  The two remaining structures were completed and occupied in December 2013.

“We are very proud of this certification," says UE President Thomas Kazee, "and we are also extremely proud of our townhouses. They are not only beautiful and comfortable places for our students to live but also environmentally friendly buildings."

The townhouses received silver certification from the USBCG by earning credits in these six areas:

Location and Linkages – the University townhouses were constructed on previously developed areas, the project caused minimal impact on environmentally sensitive areas, a large number of local community resources are nearby and easily accessible, and open spaces are nearby for occupant use.

Sustainable Site - site disturbance during construction was minimized, soil in landscaped areas was properly prepared, drought tolerant turf and landscape plants were used, non-toxic pest control measures were implemented, and complexes were developed in a compact manner (14.4 units per acre).

Water Efficiency - very high efficiency water fixtures and fittings were used in all lavatories and showers.

Energy and Atmosphere - buildings were designed and constructed to provide exceptional energy performance.  The Home Energy Rating System Index for these buildings is 76, indicating energy efficiency almost 30% greater than that of standard newly constructed homes.  The facilities also use non-HFC refrigerants in the HVAC systems.

Material and Resources - building sections were panelized and constructed off site, then transported to and erected on site, thus substantially reducing construction waste.  Construction materials were mainly environmentally preferable products.

Indoor Environmental Quality - enhanced by installation of de-humidification units, controlled ventilation, and use of high efficiency air supply filters.

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