Sadelle and Sydney Berger Awards for Faculty Scholarship and Faculty Service

Sydney L. Berger and the family of Sadelle K. Berger of Evansville, Indiana established the Sadelle Berger Annual Faculty Awards to honor her memory in 1984. Sadelle was a graduate of the University of Evansville and stood tall among her fellow human beings, whose life was dedicated, among many worthwhile causes, to serving the Evansville community and her fellow human beings everywhere.

Upon his death in 1988, Sydney Berger’s name was added to the award by his family. Both Sydney and Sadelle actively supported the University of Evansville and the Evansville community. They were respected for their strong commitment to Human Rights.

The purpose of the annual award is to give public recognition to two members of the University of Evansville faculty each year, one for an outstanding or scholarly work, and one for having rendered outstanding service to the University of Evansville community, or to the Evansville community.

Any faculty member may nominate any of their fellow faculty members. A faculty committee reviews the nominations and selects the award winners.

Past Recipients

Past Recipients
1985 Service: Nadine Coudret, Nursing
Scholarship: Clark Kimberling, Mathematics
1986 Service: Arthur Arstad, Business
Scholarship: Les Miley, Art
1987 Service: Ludwig Petkovsek, Sociology
Scholarship: John David Lutz, Theatre
1989 Service: Sam Longmire, English
Scholarship: Charles O'Neal, Marketing
1990 Service: David Gugin, Political Science
Scholarship: Tom Fiddick, History
1991 Service: Robert Knott, Mathematics
Scholarship: Laura Weaver, English
1992 Service: Hope Bock, Communications
Scholarship: Ben Riley, Physics
1993 No Award
1994 Service: Cheryl Griffith, Physical Therapy
Scholarship: John Haggert, English
1995 Service: Louis Winterheimer, Biology
Scholarship: Douglas Reed, Music
1996 Service: James Berry, Anthropology
Scholarship: Michael Zimmer, Business
1997 Service: David Reeder, Business
Scholarship: Shirley Schwartz, Art History
1998 Service: William (Dick) Connolly, Philosophy
Scholarship: Bill Baer, English
1999 Service: Berniece King, Nursing
Scholarship: Daniel Gahan, History
2000 Service: Bill Hemminger, English/Foreign Language
Scholarship: Mary Kessler and Suzanne (Tink) Martin, Physical Therapy
2001 Service: Ben Riley, Physics
Scholarship: Johnny Poon, Music
2002 Service: Paul Jensen, HKSS
Scholarship: Bob Morse, Engineering
2003 Service: Mike Carson
Scholarship: Margaret McMullan, English
2004 Service: Pat Thomas, Archaeology
Scholarship: Dale Edwards, Biology
2005 Service: John Lakey, Psychology
Scholarship: David Unger, Mechanical & Civil Engineering
2006 Service: Greg Bordfeld, Human Resources
Scholarship: James MacLeod, History
2007 Service: Dianne Oliver, Philosophy & Religion
Scholarship: Cris Hochwender, Biology
2008 Service: Hanns Pieper, Sociology and Gerontology
Scholarship: Elizabeth Hennon Peters, Psychology
2009 Service: David Mitchell, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Scholarship: Bryan Lynch, Chemistry
2010 Service: Brian Swenty, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Scholarship: Greg Rawski, Business
2011 Service: Frank Underwook, Physical Therapy
Scholarship: Rob Griffith, English
2012 Service: Mary Christine Mohn, Foreign Language
Scholarship: Margaret Stevenson, Psychology
2013 Service: Jean Beckman, Chemistry
Scholarship: Dave Dwyer, Math
Scholarship: Mark Gruenwald, Math
2014 Service: Michael Cullen, Biology
Scholarship: Mark Cirino, English
2015 Service: Kristy Miller, Chemistry
Scholarship: Tony Beavers, Philosophy and Religion
2016 Service: Mari Plikuhn, Sociology
Scholarship: Ralph Larmann, Art
2017 Service: Joyce Stamm, Biology
Service: Adam Salminen, Mathematics
Scholarship: Alan Kaiser, Archaeology
2018 Service: Robert Dion, Political Science
Scholarship: Laura Dwyer, Business
2019 Service: Thomas Josenhans, Music
Scholarship: Mohammad Azarian, Mathematics
2020 Service: Daniel Byrne, History
Service: Steven Mussett, Library
No Scholarship Award given
2021 Service: Alanna Keenan, Music
Service: Robert Baines, English
Scholarship: Noah Gordon, Biology
2022 Service: Kristina Hochwender, English
Scholarship: Katie Aldred-Craig, Biology
2023 Service: Payal Patel-Dovlatabadi, Public Health
Scholarship: Phil Plisky, Physical Therapy