Weddings at Neu Chapel

We’re delighted that you are considering holding your ceremony in Neu Chapel at the University of Evansville. By choosing to gather in a chapel and inviting friends and family members, you’re recognizing that your marriage affects the lives of many other people. Your wedding is about you and your spouse, but it’s also about the larger community, where you live and move and have your being. The wedding ceremony testifies to the significance of the choice you’re making and the roles that God, family, friends, and one another will play in a life together. Neu Chapel’s sacred architecture provides a beautiful setting for your wedding day and points to the sacred covenant of marriage—a life shared in community before God and one another.

The University of Evansville is a United Methodist-related institution and Neu Chapel stands in that tradition. Neu Chapel is an inclusive house of prayer and worship and is a very active place of spiritual formation, gathering and worship for the University of Evansville campus. We welcome couples to enter into the life of our campus community to celebrate their wedding vows.

As you engage in your planning, please keep in mind that our scheduling and ceremony guidelines are designed to help you have a beautiful ceremony while ensuring the regularly scheduled Neu Chapel programs continue as planned.

Generation Information


The Neu Chapel sanctuary seats approximately 400 guests. In addition to the use of the sanctuary, the bridal party will have use of two additional rooms. Grabill Lounge will be available for the bride and her attendants to dress. The Groom and groomsmen can be accommodated in the music office.

  • The men should arrive dressed in their tuxedos.
  • Food or drinks are NOT permitted in the Sanctuary at any time.
  • You may bring refreshments into the Bride and Groom's rooms only.
  • Neu Chapel is not liable for items left on the property.

Sound System and Music

Microphones are available for the minister and readers at no extra charge. Live music must be used for all wedding ceremonies in Neu Chapel. Musicians and vocalists should attend the rehearsal. (See Instrument Rental and Musicians information under Neu Chapel Fees.)

Decorations and Flowers

The United Methodist Church banner and the American and British flags remain hanging at all times in the sanctuary. These banners speak to our University identity and are permanent fixtures in Neu Chapel. Altar furniture must remain in place and not be moved, however the altar table may be rolled back or forth as necessary. Pew decorations should be used at a minimum. The wedding party is responsible for decorations before and after the ceremony. All setup and removal of decorations must be within your allotted time slot. Decorating the night of the rehearsal is not possible since Neu Chapel is open to the campus community until 10:00 p.m.

Real flower petals are not allowed to be scattered on the sanctuary carpet and/or floor before, during, or after the ceremony. Faux petals can be used. The wedding party is responsible for clean up and take-away of the petals following the ceremony. Sparklers, rice, birdseed, confetti and other similar materials are not permitted.

*The sanctuary is sometimes decorated by the church for church seasons or other special occasions. These decorations take precedence over other sanctuary activities. If the time of your wedding coincides with such decorations being present, the church decorations will remain in place.


The rehearsal date and time is confirmed at the time of the booking. Rehearsals are scheduled for one hour usually the evening prior to the wedding. Please consult with the clergy person officiating at the ceremony prior to the evening of the rehearsal. Anyone participating in the ceremony should attend the rehearsal. Please communicate to all wedding party participants that they must be on time. All rehearsals must begin and end at the scheduled time.

Note: Please bring all candles, programs, favors, guest book, and decorations to the rehearsal.

Wedding Attendant

A Neu Chapel wedding attendant will be present at the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. The attendant is here to help make your wedding as worry free as possible and assist you at your rehearsal and the day of the wedding. However, the Neu Chapel wedding attendant does not function as a wedding planner. Wedding coordinators and/or planners are welcome, but as a courtesy, we encourage you to consult with the clergy person who will be officiating at the wedding regarding the enlistment of a wedding planner.

Officiants (Clergy)

An officiant must be ordained and recognized by their denomination or faith tradition. It is the responsibility of the marriage party to secure an appropriate officiant. Guest clergy must honor Neu Chapel wedding guidelines. Payment for the clergy fees should be coordinated directly between the officiant and the wedding party. Please ask the Coordinator of Special Events and Guest Services for suggested honorariums. The wedding party should not assume the Officiant donates her or his time and credentials.

Marriage License

You must have a valid Indiana marriage license obtained from the Indiana County of residence of either the bride or groom. If neither is an Indiana resident, the license may be obtained in any county in Indiana. Please visit for questions.


The deposit will be forfeited for the following reasons:

  • cancellation of wedding date for any reason
  • overtime beyond scheduled wedding and rehearsal time
  • damage to Neu Chapel, it's furniture, and/or UE property
  • excessive cleanup required by UE staff
  • Intoxication of wedding party and/or guests
  • disregard of any Neu Chapel wedding policies


Parking is available along Rotherwood and in the campus lot across from Neu Chapel. Parking is not allowed on the campus lawn or in the fire lanes. Please see Neu Chapel map.

Campus Policies and Restrictions

All University of Evansville buildings and grounds are smoke-free. Please be advised that no alcohol is allowed in Neu Chapel. Please see that all members of your wedding party are aware of and abide by this policy. We reserve the right to prohibit anyone who is intoxicated from participating in the service. If anyone associated with the wedding party is found to be intoxicated or has alcohol with them on campus, Safety and Security will remove the offending party and your wedding deposit will be forfeited.

For more information please email Kari Hughes, Coordinator of Special Events and Guest Services, or call (812) 488-5608.

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