Dietary Services

Dietary Requirements

Whether a student has a restriction as required by a physician, or a cultural, religious, or other dietary need, Sodexo will work with UE students to ensure they maintain a diet consistent with those needs. Sodexo Dining Services offers a variety of options related to dietary needs and interests. Standard food selections are offered that meet the needs of students seeking vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free diets (to name just a few). During the academic year, students may speak with any of the Sodexo Management Team to discuss these options and/or refer to the Sodexo Website to identify nutritional content:

At any point in the semester students can schedule an informal dietary consultation with a member of the Sodexo management or chef staff. This consultation can address questions regarding food preparation, discuss standard ingredients and provide an orientation of what is offered at the various stations.

If students have questions at any time regarding available options, ingredients, or cooking methods, it is important that they ask a member of the management or chef’s team. For more information, please call 812-488-2951. Students who have dietary needs or food allergies may request reasonable accommodations related to their meal plan. To do so, please complete a Request for Dietary Accommodation Form. Reasonable efforts will be made to build dietary accommodation plans that are nutritionally comparable to the food choices offered to other students. Requests forms and supporting documentation should be forwarded to the Coordinator of Disability Services. This documentation will be reviewed jointly by Disability Services, Residence Life, and Sodexo Dining Services. A follow-up meeting may be scheduled to discuss specific needs and establish a plan. Due to the severity of some allergic reactions, it may be necessary to inform appropriate staff of dietary restrictions.

Sack Lunches and Sick Trays

Students who have an academic or work conflict with meal times in Café Court can order a sack lunch from Sodexo with at least 24 hours notice.

Sick trays also are available for students who are confined to their rooms by illness. Please contact the health center for authorization, then send both the authorization and the meal plan ID with the person designated to pick up the sick tray for you.

Ingredient Information

Go to the Dining Choices > Café Court section of the Sodexo Dining Services Website. Select On the Menu toward the bottom of that page. Select the corresponding week. This will redirect you to the menu for that week. Select Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner and select the day.

  • Clicking on any of the posted items on the menu will give you a nutrition snapshot for that item.
  • If you check the boxes of multiple items, you can run a combined Nutrition Summary. Check items and select View Selected Items Report.

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