Meals and Ace Bucks

Using Meals and Ace Bucks

The Eatery is our all-you-care-to-eat dining location. When entering The Eatery, simply show your student ID to the cashier who will use a meal swipe or Ace Bucks for entry. Then, enjoy any available meal options you choose. We do ask that you take as much as you want, but only what you will eat to help reduce food waste. You can always come back up for more. If dining in, please do not take items out of the dining area.

If you wish to dine on-the-go from The Eatery, tell the cashier as you enter that you will be taking your food to go. The cashier will provide you with a reusable green to-go container and your student ID will be swiped as a Meal or an Ace Bucks charge. Students can then select items that they can reasonably fit within a closed take-out container and will exit the court area. The full green to-go program and details can be viewed on the Chartwells website. Take-out from The Eatery can occur once per day as defined in your meal plan.

Our other on-campus dining locations accept cash, credit, and Ace Bucks. Starbucks and Ace's Place do accept the meal exchange option for a combo meal once per day as defined in your meal plan.

When a card is swiped by the checker, the card is scanned, the account is updated, and the ending balance is displayed on the register. You may also request a receipt.

Meal Swipe

Meal Swipes are designed for use in The Eatery. One swipe allows entrance to the all-you-care-to-eat location. With anytime dine plans, you can swipe as often as you'd like. With block plans, a meal is deducted from your semester total each time you swipe. Any unused meals left at the end of each semester are forfeited.

Meal Exchange

The Meal Exchange option is available for added convenience and flexibility. You may choose to exchange a meal swipe for a specified combo meal at Aces Place or Starbucks once per day.

Ace Bucks

Ace Bucks are accepted at all on campus dining locations and work like a debit card and are deducted as used. Each meal plan includes a set amount of Ace Bucks.

All full-time students who have paid the Student Activity Fee start out with $50 in Ace Bucks. After the initial $50 is used, Ace Bucks that are part of their dining plan are displayed on the student's account. Students can add Ace Bucks at anytime.

Ace Bucks transfer to the spring semester when a student continues with a meal plan on UE's home campus. Any unused Ace Bucks left at the end of the second semester will be forfeited. Ace Bucks are non-refundable when a contract is ended or cancelled.

If a student utilizes all of his or her Ace Bucks, additional Ace Bucks can be purchased on the Chartwells website or through the dining services office in the lower level of the Ridgway University Center.

Carry Over to Next Semester

Ace Bucks conveniently carry over to the spring semester with the continuation of a UE home campus meal plan. Meals however must be used within the existing semester.