Meal Plan Policies

Having a plan makes dining convenient and easy!

Signing Up for a Plan - Residential students sign up for meal plans in the Housing and Meal Plans section in the Students area of Self-Service.

Residential Plans - In order to get the most out of your UE experience, all on-campus residents participate in a residential dining plan. These include the Anytime Prime 7, Anytime Purple 7, Anytime Orange 5, or Aces 12.

Plans for Village Residents, Fraternity Residents, and Commuters - We have a variety of recommended plans for these students, including any of the Residential Meal Plans or additional commuter plan options. Commuter students initially sign up for meal plans in the Housing and Meal Plans section on WebAdvisor, but can also purchase Ace Bucks online through the dining website at anytime.

Fraternity Cancellations - Students with a meal plan who move to Villages or fraternity housing after the meal change deadline must wait until the beginning of the following semester to change or drop their meal plan.

Ace Buck Carry-Over/Semester Limits on Meals - Ace Bucks conveniently carry over to the spring semester with the continuation of a UE home campus meal plan. Meals however must be used within the existing semester.

You can add additional Ace Bucks at anytime for added flexibility.

Pricing - For more information about meal plan pricing as well as other financial information, please see the Student Financial Services Tuition and Direct Costs page.

Breaks - Plans are not in operation during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, or Easter Break.

Students staying on campus during breaks should plan ahead and obtain food from Aces Place with their Ace Bucks to prepare during this time.

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