Recycling Guide

A Quick Guide to Recycling

It's important when recycling to make sure your trash is properly prepared. Improper preparation of recycled products can result in the disposal of the entire bag, bin or stack. Recycle-wise at UE!

Recycling Plastic Containers

  • Includes all plastic containers (i.e., bottles, jars).
  • Includes both PETE #1 and HDPE #2.
  • Empty, rinse, and clean all containers.
  • Flatten containers to save space – remove lids.
  • No dirty bottles or other plastics (i.e. no plastic bags, etc.).

Recycling Aluminum Cans

  • Empty and Rinse all cans
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans Only
  • No dirty cans
  • No aluminum foil (Foil is made from an alloy that is much different from cans)

Recycling Cardboard

  • Includes both Cardboard Stock and Corrugated Items
  • No pizza boxes (Pizza Boxes attract pests and cannot be recycled)
  • All cardboard must be broken down and flattened
  • Cut, tear or fold down to 3 feet x 3 feet
  • Fold and stack neatly in designated collection area

Recycling Mixed Paper

  • Include any of the following clean, dry paper items in the bin...

    • Printer paper / copy paper
    • Shredded paper
    • Brown paper bags
    • Junk mail / envelopes
    • Thin catalogs / thin magazines (less than 1/2" thick)
  • Include any of the following clean, dry paper items next to the mixed paper bin (neatly stacked)...

    • Phone books
    • Thick magazines/catalogs (more than 1/2" thick)
  • No soiled items, wax coated paper, plastic bags, tissues, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, coffee cups, foil wrapping paper, photographs, frozen food cartons, juice concentrate containers, etc.
  • No pizza boxes, card stock boxes, or newspapers

Recycling Newspaper

  • Any clean, dry newspaper is recyclable
  • Includes both newspaper and inserts
  • Please keep separate from mixed paper
  • It is OK to put inside a paper bag
  • Stack neatly in designated collection bin

Battery Recycling

  • Drop off used batteries at your Residence Hall Office during Office Hours.
  • That simple, that quick!

How to Recycle Ink-Jet Cartridges

  • Support your Hall
    Drop off your inkjet cartridges at your Hall Office during office hours and help your RA staff buy supplies for your Hall!