Our highly-variable Southern Indiana climate requires a joint effort by UE staff and housing residents to identify and address issues related to mold growth.

If you notice an issue, contact your RA Staff, Residential Coordinator, or the Office of Residence Life. A Residence Life staff member will do an initial inspection and contact the Facilities Office.

To help address the potential for mold growth please follow the following instructions:

Mold character
Keep windows closed
Warm moist air + cool air conditioning = condensation
Set thermostat to 70°-75°
Don't turn your HVAC off
Set systems to run automatically
Setting thermostat too cold can cause condensation issues and mold growth
Don't obstruct airflow
In most residence halls, keep 24 inches clear in front of HVAC vents and 6 inches clearance from exterior walls. In Moore Hall, keep 18" clear in front of top and bottom HVAC vents and 6 inches clearance from exterior walls. Reduced airflow = excess moisture and potential mold.
Leave blinds open during the day
Mold likes to grown in the dark!
Clean your room!
Normal cleaning can stop mold before it starts:
  • Vacuum and clean up your room regularly
  • Clean surfaces with mild cleaning solutions
  • Don't pile up clothes or other items on the floor
Don't add moisture to your room
Don't use humidifiers. Avoid using devices that add moisture to the room like essential oil diffusers, coffee makers, hot pots, steamers, etc.

For additional mold reducing tips in Village housing see tips for reducing mold and mildew.

For a full description of our approach to this issue please refer to the document: Promoting Healthy Indoor Air Quality in University Housing.