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Sabrina Lux

Sabrina Lux

Class of 2018
Major: Criminal Justice

“ROTC gave me structure and kept me accountable. I became a better student and a more driven person overall."

Sabrina Lux chose UE because of the quality education, personal attention, and that "in-your-gut" feeling that this was the right place for her. On most days this criminal justice major is living the average college student life, balancing classes, participating in student organizations, working a part-time job, and hanging out with friends. But, there is more to this student than meets the eye. She is the child of soldiers and she is a soldier herself.

Sabrina’s parents both serve in the U.S. Army active duty, and Sabrina is an Army ROTC cadet and National Guardsman. Her military commitments add another level of responsibility to her already busy schedule. As a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadet she takes a series of military science courses, participates in weekly physical training, and has committed to serving eight years in the U.S. military following college graduation. As a National Guardsman she took a semester away from UE for her military training and spends one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year training with her unit.

When asked why she does it she said, "I saw how the military benefited my parents over the years, and I decided it would be good for me too. My only regret is that I didn't start ROTC sooner. As it turned out, I was not a good student my freshman year. ROTC gave me structure and kept me accountable. I became a better student and a more driven person overall."

Sabrina has excelled as a cadet and was promoted to CDT Battalion Commander. In this position, she is responsible for coordinating activities and serves as the liaison between cadre and 120 cadets from the seven universities that comprise the Wabash Battalion, of which the University of Evansville is a participant.

As Sabrina prepares for graduation and commissioning as an active duty Army lieutenant, she plans to have a long military career. She has branched military intelligence with a detail in infantry and will be the first female from the Wabash Battalion to commission combat arms. In fact, Sabrina will be among a select group of pioneers in our nation, as women only recently were permitted to serve in combat arms.

She reflects back on her time at UE and has advice for incoming students. "Don't expect that things are going to stay the same. Plans you make today may not be how it ends up. My life changed after I signed with the military. I realized this is my life, and I need to get it together. I got serious as a student, and everything else clicked for me."

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