Springboard is a 3-week, full day summer camp beginning on July 10 and ending on July 29. This summer camp serves as a way for middle and early high school students to learn about high school and college engagement opportunities. Participants will grow to understand the importance of high school engagement for future collegiate and career success. Participants will gain exposure to different fields of study and different types of colleges from small private to large public and everything in between. While students are gaining exposure to different aspects of college, they will simultaneously be growing into changemakers by focusing first on self (self-reflection, communication, goal setting, dreaming big) and then on community (team building, paying it forward, making dreams come true while working with the community). Becoming a changemaker in this way will enable students to grow self-confidence and develop skills for a successful future.

Students who attend the Springboard summer camp will leave with higher self-confidence, a better understanding of all things college and overall will have grown into being changemakers in their communities.

Over the course of the weeks, camp participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the identities they hold
  • Develop skills to enhance their academic, social and professional lives
  • Participate in field trips that are fun and educational
  • Network with dynamic Changemakers in the Evansville Community
  • Engage in two ‘College-Go’ day trips visiting multiple in state and out of state colleges
  • Identify a problem and, by creatively working together, develop solutions aligned with their passions that will be presented to friends and family at the end of camp
Springboard camp recording podcast

Springboard camp students having a tug-of-war