Springboard is a 4-week, full day summer camp beginning on July 5 and ending on July 30. This summer camp will serve as a way for high school students to learn about all things college from the different types of colleges to what’s a major and how to choose one. While students are gaining exposure to different aspects of college, they will simultaneously be growing into changemakers by focusing first on self (self-reflection, communication, goal setting, dreaming big) and then on community (team building, paying it forward, making dreams come true while working with the community). Becoming a changemaker in this way will enable students to grow self-confidence and develop skills for a successful future.

Students who attend the Springboard summer camp will leave with higher self-confidence, a better understanding of all things college and overall will have grown into being changemakers in their communities.

Over the course of the weeks, camp participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the identities they hold
  • Develop skills to enhance their academic, social and professional lives
  • Participate in field trips that are fun and educational
  • Network with dynamic Changmakers in the Evansville Community
  • Engage in a ‘College Go’ weekend visiting multiple in state and out of state colleges

Journey to Change group discussion

Journey to Change group tour