Major and Career Advising Resources

  • UE JobLink
    UE JobLink provides a way for employers to post internships, co-ops, part-time and full-time job openings. Employers can also view resume books, containing resumes of UE students. Students are able to post their resume to UE JobLink as well as search for job openings. UE JobLink is a part of NACELink, a national database, allowing students to view jobs posted from UE as well as other schools across the United States. As a faculty member, please join as a student to see what this service offers to our students!

  • What Can I Do With a Major In...
    What Can I Do With A Major In... provides information to help students identify and connect potential careers with various majors. This link will take you to the Student/Alumni section of this website.

  • Do What You Are (Student Information)
    Do What You Are is an on-line assessment tool designed to help individuals identify strengths and explore major and career options that fit their personality profile. The assessment is free andavailable to all students, alumni and faculty. Do What You Are not only assists students in learning more about themselves, but also provides faculty with valuable insight on how to effectively communicate with a student they are advising. This link will take you to the Student/Alumni section of this webiste.

  • Career Decision-Making Process (Student Information)
    We have included resources for you to use in helping students navigate their career decision-making process. This link will take you to the Student/Alumni section of the webiste.

  • Providing References for Students
    Students will often ask you, as a faculty member, to provide a reference. The following are links to help you with the process:

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