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  • Graduation Year: 2007
  • Majors:
  • Current Employer: University of Tennessee
  • Job Title: Graduate Teaching Associate

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Elizabeth Guyol-Meinrath

Post-Graduate Education

  • University of Tennessee
  • 2010 MA in Anthropology
  • University of Tennessee
  • In progress PhD in Anthropology

UE Experiences

At UE I majored in Archaeology hoping to pursue a career in Egyptology. I minored in Anthropology and Spanish as well, and volunteered with UE's Amnesty International chapter. While I knew I loved archaeology, I felt something was missing. My study abroad and AI experiences helped me realize I wanted to do human rights related work and my professors encouraged me to pursue graduate studies in physical and cultural anthropology, where I could combine archaeology, anthropology, and human rights work. I completed my MA at the University of Tennessee in cultural anthropology, specializing in genocide studies. After a 3 year break, I am back at UT pursuing my PhD in Disaster, Displacement, and Human Rights (DDHR) studies.

Study Abroad Experiences

I studied abroad at Harlaxton College in Spring 2006 and at The American University in Cairo, Egypt in Fall 2006.

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