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  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Majors:
  • Current Employer: The Best Day Ever
  • Job Title: Executive Producer

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Michael Armanno

UE Experiences

In 2009, I walked on campus wearing a bright thin headband and I introduced myself to everyone, "Hi, Hello, I'm Mikey J!" I started as a theatre major and soon found through the help of my professors that my true passion was found behind the camera. My Sophomore year, I joined five of my classmates in creating what is now AcesTV. We changed the landscape of the communications department. It is now an experiential education offering students many opportunities I wish I had from the start. I continue to learn the way I did at UE, by challenging myself and always keeping my eye out for opportunity. Now I produce my own web show and operate a digital marketing company called The Best Day Ever. I helped build the video program at UE and took that into the city of Evansville with the same goal. To show off all of the amazing things my world offers.

Study Abroad Experiences

I studied at Harlaxton in 2010. One of my favorite songs says, "Film the world before it happens, " and that is exactly what I did. But you wouldn't see me behind a camera lens very often. I had my own Youtube channel publishing videos every week. I turned my study abroad experience into content. This was all before I realized I was meant to be onscreen instead of onstage.

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