Resume Action Verbs

  • Résumé Text
    Choosing the right content for your Résumé is critical in selling your marketable skills and experiences to employers. This section will help you identify the content areas you should include.

  • Résumé Tips
    Résumé Development Tips for Traditionally-Aged College Students.

  • Résumé Verbs
    You should begin each statement in your Résumé with a powerful action verb. This section will provide you with a list of Résumé action verbs.

  • Example Résumés
    Résumé samples from students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education and Health Sciences, School of Engineering and Computer Science, and the School of Business Administration

  • Resume Templates
    Knowing how to structure your resume and highlighting specific details about your skills is important.
  • Writing a Curriculum Vitae
    A curriculum vitae (Latin for “the course of one’s life”), or CV, is a comprehensive statement of your educational background, teaching and research experience, and other academic qualifications and activities. In academic circles, the CV is the foundation of any application for employment, funding, awards, fellowships, or grants.

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