EXED 090: Building Your Professional Image

This course is designed for students who will be completing an internship, co-op or other academically-related work experience. The course covers self-knowledge and resume development, professional communication and job search correspondence, mock interviews and interviewing processes, cultural communication and competencies, etiquette, networking and job search techniques. The course content is delivered in an active learning environment.

This course is recommended for all students who have successfully completed one or more years of higher education and plan to have an experiential education experience within the next 12 months. This course was previously listed as COOP 090, it remains noncredit, pass/fail. The first initial class is held on the first Monday evening of the semester with subsequent classes meeting during the week in small sections.


  • Students develop discipline specific professional business communication: resumes, cover letters, thank you cards, interviewing techniques, and oral presentations.
  • Students improve their ability to connect and articulate their UE experiences with their career goals as they interface with the business community.
  • Students practice the many steps required to present themselves as enthusiastic and competent professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact Center for Career Development for more information.