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The University of Evansville Career Advocates are students leaders, selected by the academic deans, to provide outreach and initial career development support to students within the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education and Health Sciences. The Advocates meet with students seeking advice/support on career related topics such as, resume development, interview preparation, and job search. Advocates are conveniently available on a walk-in basis; no appointment necessary! Appointments, however, can be made by emailing a Career Advocate.

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Career Advocate Drop-In Hours, Spring 2018

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Kristen
9:00 Kristen Kristen Kristen
10:00 Kristen Kristen Kristen
11:00 Tiffany, Liz Tiffany, Everett Tiffany Liz, Everett
12:00 Liz, Tiffany, Everett Tiffany, Everett Tiffany, Everett Liz 12:30, Tiffany Everett
1:00 Liz Liz
2:00 Liz, Everett Liz 2:30

Liz Daugherty

  • Hometown: Decatur, Illinois
  • Major: Senior in Biology
  • Fun Fact: Liz loves and has a passion for helping animals.
  • Biography: Liz loves to be involved with a variety of organizations of campus. She is the President of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and enjoys connecting UE with the Evansville community. Studying abroad at Harlaxaton was another amazing opportunity Liz took advantage of in the Fall of 2015. Liz has spent the last two summers working in a biomedical research lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This past summer she presented her research at the NIH funded KUH Summer Undergraduate Research Conference in Bethesda, Maryland. Liz hopes to continue pursing a career in medicine and research.
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Kristen Fowler

  • Hometown: Marion, Illinois
  • Major: Senior psychology major with minors in ethics and neuroscience
  • Biography: Kristen loves all of the opportunities UE provides students to get involved and be prepared for the future. She is an active member of Chi Omega, UE Leadership Academy, Scholars for Syria, and the Honors Program. One of the experiences she is most grateful for is studying abroad at Harlaxton.
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Tiffany Huffman

  • Hometown: Peru, Indiana
  • Major: 1st year DPT (Health Services Administration undergrad)
  • Fun Fact: Peanut butter is my favorite food
  • Biography: Tiffany spends a significant amount of her time cuddling and loving her cat, Holstein, and dog, Belle. She loves to play and watch sports, especially professional football. Tiffany is also passionate about helping others. She has a background in HSA and is excited to be beginning her journey in PT school. After graduating, she plans to move back to her hometown and work as a physical therapist.
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Everett Plocek

  • Hometown: Hometown: Louisville, CO
  • Major: 1st year DPT (exercise science pre-PT undergrad)
  • Fun Fact: Unicycles and juggles at the same time
  • Biography: Everett displays a lot of pride and passion towards UE. Throughout undergrad, Everett swam here at the University of Evansville, and now runs track in graduate school. Everett enjoys giving back to his community by being a part of Ace care and volunteering at the Evansville Rescue Mission on a weekly basis. After graduating, he plans on finding a job as a physical therapist or continuing his education and specialize in sports rehabilitation.
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