Experiential Education Documentation & Evaluation in Handshake

Co-op and internship documentation and evaluation processes for every session are managed through Handshake. Each semester, students are required to meet with Center for Career Development to establish a new Experiential Learning record. Once the record is created, the student is responsible for managing their documentation and evaluation processes in the system.

Accessing Your Experiential Learning Record

After your record has been established for the current term, you may access the information by following these steps:

  1. Log into Handshake
  2. Go to "Profile"
  3. Click on the "Experiential Learning" tab
  4. Select one of the four tabs relevant to your documentation process

Utilizing Your Experiential Learning Record

The following is a description of the four documentation options you have in maintaining your Experiential Learning record:

Basic Information

The Basic Information section and the learning objectives must be completed no later than 30 days into your co-op or internship term.

  • Information Sheet: Includes the start and end date, supervisor's name, and general job description information
  • Learning Objectives: Includes at least 3 learning objectives for the experience and are generated in direct collaboration with the site supervisor

Self Evaluation

  • Mid-term Self Evaluation must be completed 8-10 weeks into session and shared with the site supervisor.
  • Final Self Evaluation must be completed at the end of the work term. The Final Self-Evaluation will not be active until the week before finals.

Program Evaluation

  • Program Evaluation information is to be completed at the end of the work term and is used to improve the program; please be respectful and direct when providing much appreciated feedback. The Program Evaluation section will not be active until the week before finals.

Semester Report

  • This tab consists of two parts: 1) General questions and answers and 2) Co-op/Internship Semester Work Report. The Semester Report tab will not be active in Handshake until the week before finals. Please upload the Co-op/Internship Semester Work Report at the end of the work term. The uploaded Work Report is a narrative summary which details projects, achievement of objectives/goals, review of professional development and potential objectives set for subsequent sessions.
  • The Work Report, along with all evaluations and other pertinent data will be reviewed and a grade of "P" or "F" will be assigned accordingly.

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