College of Business and Engineering

There is synergy between engineering and business. The College of Business and Engineering provides opportunities to build connections between the two fields, producing well-rounded graduates who thrive in an interdisciplinary work environment.

My UE degree in mechanical engineering instilled in me the ability to isolate the core tenets of a problem and critically think about viable solutions. I remember the dean at the time telling me ‘you may never use the specific material we teach you here, but you will learn how to go about solving any problem you encounter.’ My MBA degree enhanced my undergraduate engineering education with business acumen. Years later, I decided to pursue a PhD in Operations Management as the field resides at the intersection of business and engineering. Jeff Smith, PhD – UE alumnus, mechanical engineering 1995

The College of Business and Engineering is home to high-quality programs across the Schroeder Family School of Business Administration and the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Curricula throughout these schools incorporates hands-on learning and experiential opportunities through classroom lectures and exercises, internships, mentorships, and more. Students are prepared for a successful career in their field through academic success and personal growth, which is shaped by exceptional faculty.

The College of Business and Engineering offers additional programming and support beyond traditional academics. The Center for the Advancement of Learning offers flexible and affordable programs for all learners, including degree completion programs and master’s degrees for adult students as well as bridge programming and certification opportunities for high school students.

Dean's Office

Front of Olmsted Hall

Mrs. Sherry Hawkins

Administrator, College of Business and Engineering

Room 152, Schroeder School of Business Building