President's Club Gold Level

The President's Club GOLD level is a division of the President's Club for current UE seniors and graduates of the last decade (GOLD).

The President's Club GOLD level has been established to offer recent graduates the opportunity to become President's Club members at a reduced gift requirement. The normal required gift amount to be in the President's Club is $1,000, but you can become a member for only $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation.

Donation Amounts
Year Since Graduation Amount
Current UE Seniors $100
1 year after graduation $100
2 years after graduation $200
3 years after graduation $300
4 years after graduation $400
5 years after graduation $500
6 years after graduation $600
7 years after graduation $700
8 years after graduation $800
9 years after graduation $900
10 years after graduation $1000

As members of the President's Club GOLD level, you will receive benefits that include:

  • Unrestricted campus parking (other than handicapped spaces)
  • Premier seating at UE speakers and entertainment
  • Invitations to special President's Club events
  • Network of over 800 UE President's Club members

If you work for a company that matches charitable giving, your corporate matching gifts count toward your total amount for membership purposes.