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What do we offer?

We offer homeowners both the education on Vectren's energy audit and on how alternative energy can benefit them in order to maximize their energy savings. A detailed report of Vectren's energy assessment gives homeowners different options that will lower their energy consumption. Some options include installing insulation and sealing exposed areas. Vectren also provides hefty rebates for residents who buy certain energy saving products.

We will be there for residents every step of the process, so we can provide that attention to detail and personalization that all homeowners deserve when investing in something so large. We can educate homeowners on their options, and then we can consult them on the best company to purchase the equipment from and to install the equipment. We can offer less expensive options to residents depending on their budget and how much power they want or need out of the system.

Examples of alternative energy options for residential buildings include:

  • heat pumps
  • solar panels
  • wind turbines
  • solar thermal energy

What are the benefits?

We will inform homeowners of the benefits and provide them with the details (cost of installation, maintenance, and money saved) to installing residential alternative energy systems. For example, solar panels can cut one's power bill in half, but will cost tens of thousands of dollars to build. Because Indiana is a net metering state, residents have the opportunity to decrease their power bills to $0. Another benefit of installing alternative energy systems is that it increases the value of the property. Alternative energy solutions are a large investment, but it will pay for itself in 10-20 years and provide more benefits in the long run.

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