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Below are a few key points about the types of energy we focus on, which are solar, geothermal, and efficient use.


  • Typical applications are either electricity provider or water heating
  • Regionally attractive for energy reduction during peak hours/seasons
  • Unlimited tax credit at 30% of entire installation


  • Good option with our regional climate and below-ground temperatures
  • System can heat and cool like a conventional furnace and HVAC system
  • 3-5 times more efficient than conventional systems
  • Providers in area state system payback in less than 6 years
  • Attractive incentives as with solar

Energy Efficiency

  • Often overlooked aspect of businesses
  • Has good incentives, especially for lighting and windows/doors
  • Large investment upfront in these areas can provide great reduction in utilities over time

We would love to start the conversation with you about incorporating alternative energy and energy efficiency into your business. We believe the pricing is attractive with rebates and incentives. We also believe the social value and marketing potential with the use of cleaner energy can provide competitive advantages.

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