Gerontology Center

The Gerontology Center at the University of Evansville provides aging-related programs both to UE students and to community members interested in learning more or advancing their skills in the field of gerontology.

Certificate Program

The Gerontology Certificate is awarded following completion of a prescribed course of study in gerontology. The Certificate may be earned by professionals who are already involved in their careers or by current students as a part of their bachelor's degree. In past years students in nursing, sociology, social work, music therapy, physical therapy, pre-medicine and psychology have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about aging. Completing the Certificate requires 15 hours of interdisciplinary coursework. As a rule three course modules are offered during each semester, including the 10-week summer session.

The following courses are included in the Certificate Program:

  • GT 401 - Biology and Health and Aging (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 402 - Social Aspects of Aging (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 403 - End of Life Issues (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 404 - Personality Dimensions of Aging (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 405 - Institutional Care (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 406 - Geriatric Assessment (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 407 - Economics of Aging (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 408 - Aging and the Spiritual Dimension (1.5 Hour)
  • GT 409 - Social Policies and Legal Issues of Aging (1.5 Hour)

To find out more about the Gerontology Certificate program contact Dr. Hanns Pieper, Director of the Gerontology Center, at