Our Mission

The IBF provides education, consultation, and professional training services in the areas of banking and finance, creating experiential learning opportunities that increase students' competencies and provide strong career placement opportunities. The IBF capitalizes on access to knowledgeable faculty and a network of experienced professionals. Our goal is to see our students grow and local businesses thrive.

Current Programs

The IBF is full of innovative experiential opportunities to apply your financial knowledge.

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Microfinance with Old National Bank

Access to Capital and Expertise for Emerging Entrepreneurs (ACE3) is a program sponsored, funded, and co-managed by Old National Bank. Manage a $100,000 portfolio, which offers microloans to women and minority owned businesses. Students interface with clients, review business plans, and serve as underwriters for loans.

The Microloan program with ONB is now a Pioneer (final 10 of 120 programs) in the Unlocking ₵hange Challenge sponsored by BNY Mellon and Ashoka.

Bob Jones headshot "Old National is proud to work in partnership with the University of Evansville Schroeder School of Business on what we consider to be a potential model program for communities across the nation. The ACE3 initiative will help provide support and counsel to local emerging entrepreneurs along with learning opportunities for students through engagement with local business professionals and exposure to business practices and challenges." Former Old National President and CEO Bob Jones.

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Investments with Donaldson Capital Management (DCM)

The program gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the area of investments and wealth management. You are assigned five clients that have invested $100,000 into a fund that you manage. Meet your clients, understand their goals, make your investment decisions, defend your positions in the market, and discuss your fund's performance with your clients.

Mike Hull headshot "The DCM Student-Led Fund will not be an easy gig. This is no simulation. For some of the students involved, investing $100,000 in real money for five very real clients will be breathtaking. As much as the technical skills students will pick up, perhaps the most benefit will come from learning how to interact with the owners of the fund." Donaldson Capital Management President Mike Hull.

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Farm Leading Fellowship with Farm Credit Mid-America (FCMA)

Students apply for a $500 Fellowship and meet CEO Bill Johnson (FCMA) and his C-level executive team in Louisville, Kentucky. Participate in financial leadership development and learn about the Farm Lending industry.

Bill Johnson headshot "Building capacity within the agricultural and financial industries is an important part of Farm Credit’s purpose to secure the future of rural communities and agriculture. We're honored to engage with the next generation of leaders and support them in their efforts to achieve success in their education at the University of Evansville and in their careers after graduation.” Farm Credit Mid-America President and CEO Bill Johnson.

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St. Vincent Financial Preparedness Program Leadership Team

Train expecting parents on the impact their new baby will have on their financial lives. Launched in 2014, our students have already trained over 100 parents.

Client Testimony

"The ACE3 program turned things around at a time when I was really struggling with my business. The financial boost helped me expand our services and improve our marketing. The process of applying for the loan and brushing up my business plan clarified my direction and goals for the business, and the ongoing assistance and oversight have kept me on track. The students and professionals I've worked with have been insightful and supportive throughout the process."

Ashley Sipes (owner)
Bliss Yoga LLC

To seek additional information about the IBF, please contact Yasser Alhenawi at ya22@evansville.edu or call 812-488-2863. To apply for the ACE3 microfinancing program, please contact Sherry Hawkins at sh55@evansville.edu or 812-488-2851.

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