Student Testimonials


“The ACE3 program provided me with hands on experience unlike any other course. Working hand in hand with clients and professionals at Old National Bank allowed me to gain knowledge and skills that can translate to many aspects of life. This program prepared me for the business world and showed me what many bankers do on a day to day basis. The value I received from the ACE3 Program was very unique and beneficial for my future.”Elizabeth Day ‘18
“What makes the ACE3 program special is the irreplaceable experience learned outside of a classroom. You can spend a year behind a desk studying from a book and you will not gain the same value as a week spent dealing with real clients and real money.”Jake Gould ‘18
“My experience as a member of the ACE3 Program was unlike any other academic experience I participated in as an undergraduate member of the University. The knowledge I gained, lessons I learned, and relationships I built improved both my professional and personal skills. My understanding of the loan process was radically improved as I worked with clients, filed documentation, and communicated with all the parties involved. All in all, my experience in the program gave me unique skills and experiences in a practical way.”Matthew Childress ‘16
“Due to the ACE3 program, I have learned more about commercial lending in the financial world of banking. I have also learned how to be a better professional in the workplace. This program has also exposed me to many different people and businesses in the Evansville area and the world (Myanmar).”Lydia Heldring ‘14
“Participating in the ACE3 program is one of the most invaluable experiences I've gained during my time at the University of Evansville. The program offers unique insight into the world of banking, as well as a global perspective; whether through working with local women & minority owned businesses, or helping facilitate microloans in Myanmar. Taking advantage of this program has helped me build upon the well-rounded education received at this school, and it will no doubt open doors for my future.”Jana (Jenny) Mikuscova ‘14
“The ACE3 program has allowed me to develop the confidence and knowledge needed to run meetings with real business owners. I could not have received this kind of learning experience from any other internship, and am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program.”Josh Stauber ‘14


“The Wealth Management Practicum was much more than just a regular class. My colleagues and I were able to act as real investment advisors that invested client's money. The in-depth discussions about the market and individual companies were something you couldn't get in a regular investment class. Being able to present to clients what we have been doing and about the market's movements has been something that most finance majors can't get until they are already on the job. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in investing as a potential future career.”Riley Shanks ‘18
“The Wealth Management Practicum offered me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the finance industry. Being able to manage a portfolio and using my own judgment to make decisions, gave me the real-life exposure. I was able to do research of many companies and industries where I recognized valuable and relevant information for the analysis. This helped me understand and learn how to read an annual/quarterly report, which provided me the skill of paying attention to important details and how they impact the valuation and analysis. I had multiple benefits from this program some including great mentors as Nathan Wincklepeck and Dr. Alhenawi, feedback from our investors after our presentations, and more confidence.”Carmen Rojas ‘16