UEMP Cohort (2021-2022)

UEMP Cohort (2021-2022)

From left to right: Dr. Chris Brockman, Macy Campbell, Jackson Maurer, Ryan Neumann, Jeff Bone (ONB Representative)

Investments with DCM Cohort Presentation (2021-2022)

Investments with DCM Cohort Presentation (2021-2022)

From left to right: Jobe Miller, Jakub Hall, Kendyl Guzman, Marlie Pleak, Oscar Garcia, Dr. Chris Brockman

Farm Credit Mid-America Fellowship Program 2021

Farm Credit Mid-America Fellowship Program 2021

From left to right: Ifechi Umeh, Rhea Rajam, Mahdi Alsultan, Ryan Neumann

Farm Credit Group Photo for 2018

Farm Credit Mid-America Fellowship Program 2018

From right to left (front), Hill Mohamad, Bill Johnson (CEO of Farm Credit Mid-America), Steph Hunt. From right to left (back), Karyn Banks, Devin Conway, Andrew Sutphin, Dr. Yasser Alhenawi (IBF Director).

UE students at NASDAQ poduium

NASDAQ New York Visit October 03, 2018

From right to left, Greg Rawski (SOBA, Former Dean), Jeff Bone (Old National Bank, Vice President), Jordan Voges (SOBA, Student), Elizabeth Day (SOBA, Student), Jill Griffin (Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing), Yasser Alhenawi (IBF Director and SOBA Faculty).

Schroeder Students standing with Clay Ewing holding IBF sign

ACE3 Cohort 2018-2019 at the Indiana Bankers Association annual meeting.

From left to right, Marwa AlRawahi, Clay W. Ewing (German American Bank, President), Yasser Alhenawi (IBF, Director), Austin Carmack, Wesley Freitag, Nour AlHafar, Hilla Mohamad, Devin Conway, Sethlyn Morgan (Center for Career Success, Director)

Jordan Voges standing next to Schroeder Family School of Business Administration Building sign

St. Vincent Financial Preparedness Program 2017-18

The presenter this year was Jordan Voges who is studying Accounting and Business Administration-Finance. The program met about every 3 months in the evening.

Students giving presentation

Wealth Management Cohort 2017-18

Students in the Wealth Management Practicum present to REAL investors on portfolio performance. In 2017-18, the team reports that the return on the investment fund exceeded the S&P’s return by 7 percentage points.

Group photo of attendees standing in front of Old National Bank sign

ACE3 Cohort 2017-18

From left to right, Jeff Bone (corporate relationship manager, vice president at Old National Bank and senior advisor to the ACE3 program); Jake Gould (student); Chris Hartzel (student); Jordan Voges (student); Elizabeth Day (student); Hadi Dahhas (student); Gabe James (student); and Dr. Yasser Alhenawi (professor and program director).