Required Courses for the CiSM Certificate

The CiSM certificate is designed to give students the broad interdisciplinary knowledge and computational skills that will make them well-equipped to tackle problems in their major discipline. Many of the courses required for the certificate are required for a particular major, and/or will fulfill UE’s General Education program requirements. Therefore the CiSM certificate may be completed with 8-13 additional credits, depending on the chosen major.

Students will develop foundational knowledge in the natural sciences and mathematics by taking introductory Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics and Data Science courses.They will also take ID 121 and ID 122; these courses are specific to the CiSM Certificate program and serve as the starting blocks to building computational and problem solving skills.

Required courses for the CiSM Certificate

Required courses for the CiSM Certificate
CiSM-required courses (number of credits) Bioch Biol Chem Env. Sci Math SDS Phys Computer Sci.
BIOL 118 (3) or BIOL 119 (4) M M C M C C C M*
CHEM 118 (4) M M M M GE GE M M*
MATH 221 (4) M M M M M M M M
PHYS 121 (4) or PHYS 210 (4) M M M M GE GE M M
STAT 166 (1) C C C C C M C C
STAT 266 (3) C C C C C M C C
STAT 267 (3) R R R R R M R R
ID 121 (1) C C C C C C C C
ID 122 (1) C C C C C C C C
CHNG course with data focus, or STAT 300 (3) C C C C C C C C
Number of CiSM-specific credits required 9 9 12/13 9 12/13 8/9 12/13 12/13

Key: SDS: Statistics and Data Science; M: Course fulfills major requirement; GE: Course fulfills general education requirement; C: Course required for CiSM certificate; R: Course recommended, but not required for the CiSM certificate; *Either BIOL 119 or CHEM 118 is required, but not both.

Students who major in computer science are not eligible to receive CiSM scholarships. This information is provided as an example of how students in other majors may also complete the CiSM certificate.