Faculty and Staff

Dale Edwards

Dr. Dale Edwards

Professor and Chair of Biology

Room 231A, Koch Center for Engineering and Science

Dr. Edwards is a parasitologist who teaches Organismal Diversity and Parasitology, two courses that are required for students pursuing a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. He is committed engaging his students in the fundamentals of organismal diversity given that biodiversity writ large provides many goods and services essential to life on earth, including food and nutritional health and the development of medicines and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Edwards’ parasitology course introduces students to major human diseases. In particular, students study the natural cycles of parasite transmission and infection in humans and animals. In addition, students learn about risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, preventions, and control of parasitic diseases. Professor Edwards’ research program is focused on the ecology and evolution of organisms with parasitic lifestyles. He is currently addressing helminth diversity among local and regional treefrogs. In particular, he has been comparing the parasite faunas of green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea) from historical and expanded-range populations to determine whether these latter populations are exhibiting reduced parasitism by escaping their native range parasites.