Cognitive Psychology

Students interested in studying cognitive psychology at the University of Evansville can opt for the general psychology major with a specialization in cognitive psychology. The goal of the psychology major is to provide students with a broad understanding of the range of topics included within psychology while also providing the opportunity for a student to achieve greater specific knowledge within one or two areas. Students who complete the cognitive specialization would be prepared for graduate school or for jobs in research laboratories investigating psychological topics.

The first two years are spent primarily in gaining a broad overview of psychology as well as completing the university's general education requirements.

Courses in psychological research methods and statistics, behavioral neuroscience, as well as cognitive science provide the foundation for later coursework in cognitive psychology. Beginning in the student's junior year, the courses for the cognitive specialization can be taken, along with a variety of free electives which allow the student to further explore cognitive topics, or to include a minor, a second major, or other area of interest. All psychology majors complete a senior thesis; for cognitive psychology students interested in graduate studies, we encourage the inclusion of a research project in this thesis.

Along with the courses required for graduation, the psychology department strongly encourages students to develop hands-on skills through internships and/or research opportunities. After students have completed the research methods course, they are prepared to work with a faculty advisor to gain further research experience prior to graduation. Students may elect to work on an established research project or to develop a new area of research under the guidance of a faculty member. While there are many research opportunities on campus, some students elect to complete a summer research project at a separate university to further enhance their resume.

Major Requirements

Required Lower-Division Courses - 32 hours

  • Fundamentals of Biology - BIOL 100 (4) or General Biology - BIOL 107 (4)
  • Introduction to Cognitive Science - COGS 111 (3)
  • Introductory Ethics - PHIL 121 (3), Bioethics - PHIL 416 (3) or Philosophy of Science - PHIL 445 (3)
  • Introduction of Psychology - PSYC 121 (3)
  • Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience - PSYC 125 (3)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology - PSYC 226 (3)
  • Social Psychology - PSYC 229 (3)
  • Statistics for Psychologists - PSYC 245 (3)
  • Research Methods in Psychology - PSYC 246 (4)
  • Abnormal Psychology - PSYC 259 (3)

Cognitive Psychology Specialization - 12 hours

  • Language Development - PSYC 326 (3)
  • Sensation and Perception - PSYC 355 (3)
  • Cognitive Psychology - PSYC 366 (3)
  • Cognitive Development - PSYC 466 (3)
  • Required Senior Project Seminar - 3 hours
  • Senior Seminar and Thesis - PSYC 490 (3)

Elective Courses - 45 hours

Elective courses should be chosen carefully in consultation with an advisor to complement a student's education and career goals.

Students majoring in psychology with a specialization in cognitive psychology have already met four of six course requirements for the minor in cognitive science.

Cognitive psychology students should also consider supplementing their coursework with PSYC 357 (Physiological Psychology) and its component lab, PSYC 358, and PSYC 457 (Advanced Neuroscience.)

Remaining General Education Courses - 28 hours

All students at the University of Evansville must complete a general education program according to the following distribution. See the UE 2007-2009 Catalog for the precise requirements.

  • American Traditions (3)
  • The Creative Dimension (3)
  • Foreign Language (6)
  • Health and Wellness (1)
  • Human Behavior and Society (3)
  • International Perspectives (3)
  • Mathematical Thought (3)
  • The Philosophical / Spiritual Dimension (3) Met with the Requirements above
  • Science and Technology (7) Met with the Requirements above
  • Senior Seminar (3) Met with the Requirements above
  • World Cultures (6)

Minor Recommendations

The psychology minor at UE requires PSYC 121 and a minimum of 15 hours in psychology electives selected in consultation with a major advisor and a psychology minor advisor. Students interested in a minor with a cognitive focus, should consider the following:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychology - PSYC 226 (3)
  • Language Development - PSYC 326 (3)
  • Sensation and Perception - PSYC 355 (3)
  • Cognitive Psychology - PSYC 366 (3)
  • Cognitive Development - PSYC 466 (3)

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