Students in UE's Department of Physics have the opportunity to hone their schools in state-of-the-art laboratory spaces.

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The Physics Program

The Physics Program

The Physics program at the University of Evansville offers students the foundation they will need in the future - whether that future holds graduate school or a successful career in any of several science-related careers.

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The Department of Physics provides a rigorous learning environment balanced with the nurturing support of faculty. UE physics professors have the wealth of experience and expertise that highly motivated students expect and demand. The department highly encourages its students to participate in undergraduate research projects, either through a summer research experience outside of the University or through an independent research project supervised and assisted by one of its own professors. Students are also able to work and study within state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Optics Lab, as they engage in purposeful experiences resulting in a complete, opportunity-rich education.