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A degree in physics is a key to many doors. The majority of physics majors choose to continue their education beyond the University of Evansville. In fact, more than 90% of our students are admitted to graduate school.

Those that have chosen to enter the world of work find themselves building interesting and satisfying careers. Here are a few places that have employed our alumni:

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There are many excellent places to find job listings that are relevant to physicists. Below are the most popular.

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Alumni Profile

Mallory Traxler
Class of 2007

Mallory Traxler

As a doctoral student at the University of Michigan, Mallory Traxler understands the importance of completing undergraduate research. "Participating as a lab assistant and being involved in two REUs [research experience for undergraduates] made me confident in my skills in the lab. This is important for the work I'm doing now in atomic, molecular, and optical physics." Mallory is a 2008 recipient of a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

At Michigan, Mallory works on a cold atom laser project under Georg Raithel. "The goal of the atom laser is to make a continuous, coherent stream of atoms, similar to how laser light is a coherent stream of photons. The idea for the project is to make a Bose Einstein condensate, continually refill the BEC with guided cold atoms, and continuously and coherently out-couple the BEC." Mallory designed a new experimental apparatus that should be able to better realize this and has nearly completed the construction of the vacuum chamber and all internal components.

After earning a PhD, Mallory's goal is to be a physics professor. "I'm glad my UE professors encouraged me to be involved in both research and teaching experiences. The University of Evansville is an excellent place to study physics as an undergraduate. The professors really care about the students and do everything they can to make sure that each one succeeds in what they are most interested."

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