Global Religion Emphasis

The Global Religion emphasis provides comparative study of religious and theological traditions around the world, focused on issues of interreligious engagement and dialogue.

In addition to completing the core religion requirements, students should complete the following courses:

  • REL 310 Contemporary Theologies
  • REL 314 Religions of East Asia
  • REL 315 Jews, Christians and Muslims
  • REL 340 Women and Religion or REL 375 Bible, Gender and Culture
  • REL 445 Religion, Peace and Justice
  • REL 335 Biblical Narratives or 431 Prophets (upper level OT)
  • REL 320 Jesus and the Gospels or 330 Paul and his Letters (upper level NT)
  • OPTIONAL: REL 492 Religion Internship focused on interreligious engagement (does not count toward major requirements)

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