Theological Studies Emphasis

Centered in the texts and traditions of Christianity, our Theological Studies emphasis focuses on the academic study of religion.

Students who choose Theological Studies should expect to gain an understanding of biblical texts, Christian traditions, and Christian theological and ethical thinking in their historical and contemporary contexts. They also will engage in religious issues and questions of faith and the spiritual quest more broadly, including an exploration of religious traditions outside of Christianity.

General education (41 hours), including Religion 499

Major (36 hours)

  • At least three courses from Area I (biblical studies)
  • At least three courses from Area II (theological and ethical studies)
  • At least three courses from Area III (historical and cultural studies), at least one of which must be in a tradition other than Christianity (Religion 212, 213, or some topics taught as Religion 380) and at least one of which must be Religion 210 or 220
  • At least three other courses from among the three areas in religion; this can include up to two courses in either Hebrew or Greek that are not being counted to satisfy general education requirements
  • Additional foreign language (6 hours); The Bachelor of Arts degree requires proficiency in or completion of a foreign language through the course numbered 212

Electives (37 hours)

Other courses than those listed above may be substituted upon approval

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