The Plan

We have conceived a plan to get you where you want to be. Let’s begin your journey to discovery:

Step 1:

Before you enroll at UE, we want you to meet the faculty members involved in the Major Discovery Program. Program faculty members come from across the campus and are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of the University and its curriculum.

Many of our best students have several academic interests. The University of Evansville offers over 80 majors, several of which have strong national reputations and are popular with students who have a wide range of academic interests.

Step 2:

Once admitted to the University of Evansville as a student in the Major Discovery Program, you are considered for the same merit scholarships as students who select a specific area of study.

Step 3:

When you enroll, one of our dedicated faculty members will become your academic advisor. This person will listen to you – hear what you are saying about the things you love – and then help you prepare a course schedule that allows you to delve deeper into these subjects. Your advisor is more than just a professor; he or she will be a mentor dedicated to helping you reach your personal and professional success.

Step 4:

There is no prescribed period in which you need to determine your major. While some students select an area of study after their first semester, most take longer. Because of the flexibility in our liberal arts general education program and commitment to let you explore your academic interests, we encourage you to take your time while keeping in mind the goal of graduating in 4 years.

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