Ways of Discovery

Undeclared? What an opportunity for discovery! If you are not sure what your interests are, we have provided a variety of avenues for you to identify and pursue your passion.

DISC 100: Journeys and Discoveries

One of the first courses suggested for Major Discovery Program students is “DISC 100: Journeys and Discoveries.” This course provides an open, guided, and ongoing discovery process during your first year. Readings, class activities, and passport projects encourage students to think about their life desires and related goals. 50 percent of students who take this class select a major by the end of the semester. Of the students who take “Journeys and Discoveries,” 95 percent say they would recommend this course to other incoming students.

Do What You Are:

Students often have a hard time deciding what they want to pursue. The “Do What You Are” online career assessment tool is a helpful resource to identify your interests, skills and corresponding academic paths. Through the Center for Career Development, you can complete this online assessment, and later, sit down with your faculty advisor and the career services staff to discuss the results. Then, armed with this information and working with others, you will pursue a course of study that best suits you. Here are a few questions you may be asked on the assessment:

  • Do you like meeting people?
  • Do you like to travel?
  • Do you want to work indoors (in an office environment) or outdoors?
  • Do you become energized by discovering new facts?
  • Do new challenges excite or intimidate you?

General Education Program

Our broad, liberal arts general education curriculum is also a great benefit to students in the Major Discovery Program. It is built on a variety of disciplines and encourages you to explore exciting options you never knew existed. Our liberal arts and sciences philosophy affords you the freedom to take your time and sample a variety of majors while you meet requirements for graduation.

Study Abroad

A semester or five-week summer session at Harlaxton College can be just the experience needed to clarify your goals and interests. We encourage students to study abroad before they have selected their major. The courses at Harlaxton are designed to coincide with liberal arts general education courses.

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