Logo Guidelines

When using the University logo, scale all marks proportionally. Don’t distort, modify, or remove elements from the official University logos.

University logos should not be used in a personal capacity.


The University of Evansville logo is built to be flexible and adaptable for all printing and digital applications. The versions below show the full range of approved color variations.

Chart showing logo in various color scenarios.

Logo size

To maintain full legibility, never reproduce the logo at widths smaller than what is shown – either in print or on screen. There is not maximum size limit, but use discretions when sizing the logos; it should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.

Minimum Size - Primary Logo

No smaller than 1.75 inches or 168 pixels
No smaller than 1.125 inches or 108 pixels

Minimum Size - Emblem

No smaller than 0.5 inch or 48 pixels

To ensure the legibility of the interlocking letters, any versions using the outer bevel should be sized no smaller than 0.5 inches or 48 pixels in width.

No smaller than 0.24 inch or 24 pixels

For emblem marks that use only the fill of the letters, or just the outer bevel, use sizes no smaller than 0.25 inches or 24 pixels.

Clear space

To maintain maximum impact and legibility, clear space must be maintained around the logo. This area is measured using the height of the capital “u” in the emblem, as shown.

Chart showing amount of white space that should be around the logo.