EECS Faculty Publish Textbooks and Papers

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dick Blandford and John Parr have published a textbook titled Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.  Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a mainstay course in electrical engineering programs and is a required course in the junior year at UE. The book was published in July 2012 by Prentice-Hall.

The book concentrates on digital filters and their design and implementation and has introductory chapters are wavelets and two-dimensional signal processing. Parr is an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at UE and has published a best-selling textbook on linear systems and another on control systems. Blandford published a book titled Digital Filter Analyzer in 1987, and the current book on DSP is his first textbook.

Robert Morse published the paper Two Generator p-groups of Nilpotency Class 2 and Their Conjugacy Classes with coauthors A. Ahmad, A. Magidin in the Hungarian mathematical journal Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen. Morse is a professor of computer science.

Christina Howe published the paper General Education:Key for Success for an Entrepreneurial Engineering Career with coauthors Owe Peterson and David Kent of Milwaukee School of Engineering, and Mary Vollaro of Western New England University.  The paper was presented at the National ASEE Conference in San Antonio in June, 2012.

Howe is a computer engineering graduate of UE (2003) and has a PhD in EE from Vanderbilt University.

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