Azarian publishes review of math research paper in Mathematical Reviews

Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mohammad K. Azarian, professor of mathematics, has published a review of a research paper in the American Mathematical Society's Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet), the most respected data base for research in mathematical sciences

The paper reviewed appeared in Math. Slovaca 66 (2016) and is titled, "On Some Combinations of Terms of a Recurrence Sequence," and was authored by Lyes Ait-Amrane, Hacène Belbachir, and Kamel Betina. The authors present some identities satisfied by classical Morgan-Voyce sequence, and they study the periods of this sequence modulo an integer greater than 1. Also, they seek to determine which features of the Morgan-Voyce sequence remain true when it is generalized to elliptic curves defined over a finite field

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