University of Evansville Ranked a 2017 Best Value School for a Bachelor’s in Archaeology

Posted: Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The University of Evansville’s archaeology program has been ranked among the top 20 best value schools for a bachelor's in archaeology by College Values Online. The ranking was published on the organization's website in April.

This ranking was created using data from the National Center for Education Statistics' College Navigator database. The top 20 value schools for a bachelor's in archaeology were selected and ranked based on tuition, financial aid, customization options, and "wow" factor.

"UE is incredibly proud to be ranked a top value bachelor's in archaeology," says Thomas Kazee, UE President. "From our Tin City excavation on campus to digs in Florida, Egypt, and Israel, our archaeology students have numerous opportunities for hands-on experience in college, preparing them to succeed in the field after graduation."

UE's bachelor's in archaeology is one of the few programs in its region to focus on the Mediterranean, Near East, and Western Europe. The program is also designed to be interdisciplinary, and many students double major or use their minor to complement their archaeology studies. Students are offered multiple opportunities to study abroad, complete internships, and even participate in archaeological excavations. Archaeology degree students who graduate from this program are well-prepared to enter a graduate program or a variety of careers both in the field and outside of it.

“We have some graduates who have gone on to have successful careers as professional archaeologists, professors, museum directors, and conservators while others have become attorneys, publishers, and business managers, among other things,” said Alan Kaiser, PhD, chair of the department of archaeology and art history at UE. “One of our alumni is even an emergency room nurse.  All feel their archaeology degree helped them get where they are today.”

Read more about UE’s archaeology program on the University of Evansville website

College Values Online offers practical guidance rooted in careful research and informed by over 20 years of experience in college selection. Researchers interact with multiple data sources like College Navigator, Forbes, Kiplinger, US News & World Report, and Princeton Review. Read the full article on the College Values Online website.

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