UE to host UE Habitat Barn Blitz

Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018

The University of Evansville is dedicated to helping make a change in the world and now has a chance to help UE students, faculty, and staff leave a mark on the community. On April 7, UE and Habitat for Humanity will partner to host a “Barn Blitz” to build 30 backyard barns in one day.

Throughout the semester, UE will host several events to help prepare for the big day. Upcoming events include:

  • February 4: Building extra jigs (template of the barn walls) to aid in constructing several walls at once.
  • February 17: Building walls during Road Trip with the help of future UE students.
  • March 9 & 10: Component builds to prepare materials
  • March 23: ChangeFest 2.0 – Professor Mark Valenzuela’s second attempt at breaking the tortilla stacking world record. There will also be a barn building showcase.
  • March 24: Building barn walls as a part of UE Gives Back.
  • April 7: Barn Blitz Day!

If you are interested in more information about the events or have questions about how to get involved, please e-mail Holly Carter, director of education abroad, at hc110@evansville.edu.

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