Road Trip

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UE Road Trip is only for high school seniors who have been accepted to UE.

UE Road Trip will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will spend an entire weekend on campus in a residence hall with a current student and learn firsthand what life is like at UE. Whether we provide you with transportation along one of our routes or you choose to fly into the Evansville Regional Airport, once you get here, you will become a UE student for the weekend. What does that involve? Plenty! A sampling of activities available to students who attend UE Road Trip include:

  • Magician/Comedian
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Karaoke
  • Mock Classes with professors
  • Explore the city of Evansville
  • And much more!

The participation fee is $75 for students riding a Road Trip bus and $35 for students flying or driving to campus. This fee includes all meals, activities, entrance fees to events, and transportation while you are on campus. View the 2024 Road Trip Routes

Register for Road Trip

Your Road Trip registration is not confirmed until your participation fee and waivers are received in the Office of Admission.

"Road Trip opened my eyes and showed me that the University of Evansville was right for me. The Road Trip activities, the beautiful campus, and friendly staff and students all helped prove I made the right decision."

If you have questions about Road Trip, check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Office of Admission.