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UE Named Among Colleges with “A” for Scholarship Transparency

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2022

The University of Evansville (UE) recently received an “A” grade for scholarship transparency from University Business. UE was one of just over 100 institutions across the nation that achieved this top ranking. 

University Business based its scholarship transparency ranking on clear, easily accessible information pertaining to merit scholarships. The organization also took into consideration whether or not institutions figure merit scholarships into their Net Price Calculator projections. Because there are no transparency requirements in issuing merit-based scholarships, it’s up to each institution how upfront they choose to be when communicating scholarship details. 

Approximately 650 schools were graded by University Business based on the clarity of requirements and amounts awarded, along with consistency in the application process. Those who received “A” grades provided specific merit scholarship amounts rather than “wide dollar ranges,” as explained in the report. They also provided well-defined criteria on their websites. 

UE’s scholarship opportunities, which include merit-based scholarships, can be found on our Scholarships page

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