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UE to launch four-year Bachelor of Science in Creative Technologies Degree

Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2023

 In 2023, The University of Evansville (UE) will launch a four-year Bachelor of Science in Creative Technologies degree.

Combining elements from UE's Departments of Art, Communication, Theatre, and Music Conservatory, the B.S. in Creative Technologies aims to build students' technological skills in the creation of sound, video, lighting, graphic, and other technologies used for creative endeavors.

"UE's new Creative Technologies program combines multiple disciplines to engage students in the conception, development, and production of creative content," said Assistant Professor of Communication Joe Atkinson, MFA, who will serve as the program's director. "From the first draft to the final product, students in Creative Technologies will be challenged to develop their creative skills through immersion in fundamentals of art, music, communication and creative writing, and to bring their creations to life onstage, onscreen, or on-air through a variety of cutting-edge digital technologies."

UE's Creative Technologies program will provide hands-on learning opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in various practical settings. These include producing audio podcasts with the UE Department of Communication, supporting music performances and recordings with the University's Music Conservatory, working on productions with the award-winning Department of Theatre, assisting in the production of UE's broadcasts of NCAA Division I athletics, creating film and video projects, working for UE's student-run marketing and advertising agency, contributing to UE's student publication, and participating in real-world projects through the ChangeLab program.

The new program will prepare UE students for a variety of careers after graduation, including in the fields of advertising, digital art, digital media, production, marketing, light/sound design, stage management, media design, video production, and visual effects.

Applications for the Bachelor of Science in Creative Technologies are now available for Fall 2023. For more information, please visit

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